Our Home Inspection Rates Are Competitive

Type of Home Square Footage Rates
Condo (Unit only) Up to 1500 sq ft $400.00
Townhouse Up to 2500 sq ft $490.00
House Up to 2500 sq ft $590.00
House 2501-3000 sq ft $650.00
House 3001-3500 sq ft $690.00
House 3501-4000 sq ft $750.00

Accepted Methods of Payment



Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with more than 24 hours of notice - No Charge

Cancellations with 12 - 24 hours of notice - $175.00

Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice - $250.00


We Issue a Comprehensive Written Report

Each investigative home inspection is followed up with a comprehensive written report and photos on the current state of the home. Our inspection rates are based on the total interior area of the home.


We Inspect Each Residence Using Technical Investigation Tools

  • Moisture detectors
  • Gas detectors
  • Binoculars (Augmented visual identification)
  • Electrical Testers
  • Digital Camera
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Ladder
  • Water Pressure Gauge